Estates and Trusts

Real estate is often the most valuable asset in an estate, and it’s important to have the right documentation. This is a responsibility of the estate, and it benefits both the trustees and the beneficiaries over the long run. Often an appraisal is needed with a date of value in the past, such as the date of passing of an owner…


Legal and Litigation

In legal matters involving real estate you will need an appraisal report that is accurate, credible and defensible. Whether needed for a trial, mediation or arbitration setting—or hopefully a settlement before—you’ll want to have a report that stands up to scrutiny, and an appraiser who is able to defend that report…


Buyers and Sellers

The more complex or unusual the property, the better informed you want to be—whether buying or selling. As a buyer you don’t want to overpay (or at least be aware if you might be!) and as a seller, you don’t want to leave money on the table. An independent appraisal will provide you with additional, unbiased information…


Impaired Property

When a property suffers a decline in value due to physical damage, a legal restriction or condition, a stigma, or any other negative event or discovery, an appraisal is often needed to quantify that impact on value. An impairment can range from minor physical damage to a new highway through a neighborhood…


Charitable Donations

When real property is given as a gift, whether to a family member, another individual or to an organization, the donor of the property is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide an appraisal. The report must satisfy IRS reporting requirements, and must hold up to review…


Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is the right of the government to take private property for public use. Condemnation is the enforcement of this right. When this happens, the owner has the right to just compensation, and, under some circumstances, has the right to additional compensation…


Mortgage and Financing

We have completed appraisals for hundreds of lenders since the early 1990s. Clients have included national, regional and local lenders, credit unions, mortgage brokers and private lenders. These include reports prepared for…


Consulting and More

Please contact us to discuss other needs related to property valuation and the real estate market. Sometimes a traditional appraisal report is not what is needed, but rather general market data, guidance within a certain market or property…


John T. Ashworth, MAI, SRA




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