Buyers and Sellers

The more complex or unusual the property, the better informed you want to be—whether buying or selling.

As a buyer you don’t want to overpay (or at least be aware if you might be!) and as a seller, you don’t want to leave money on the table. An independent appraisal will provide you with additional, unbiased information that could greatly assist you in your decision-making process. This could be especially important in a privately negotiated sale (one arranged without the property being “listed” or available on the open market).The appraisal fee is small relative to the dollars involved in a typical real estate transaction.

A knowledgeable and competent agent should be able to provide reliable market data, and in many cases, this can be sufficient. But if you still have value concerns, consider an independent appraisal from a third party. If you’re the buyer, and you’re obtaining financing, remember that your lender’s appraisal is prepared for them, not you as the borrower—the lender is the client, and the report is used to protect their interests. Whether buying or selling, contact Ashworth Appraisal Services to discuss an appraisal if you have concerns about price versus value.

Price does not always equal value. Value reflects an independent estimate of the most likely or probable sale price of a property, based on a typically motivated buyer and seller. Price is an amount that is asked, offered, or paid for a property. It may or may not be similar to a reliable estimate of value.

You are the appraiser to go to for determining value of unusual and special properties like [the historic downtown home, the ranch with subdivision potential, and the large estate with multiple dwellings]. Few folks in your profession have this gift.

John Gudebski

John T. Ashworth, MAI, SRA