Consulting and More

Please contact us to discuss other needs related to property valuation and the real estate market.

Sometimes a traditional appraisal report is not what is needed, but rather general market data, guidance within a certain market or property type, or conclusions related to a certain real estate project or issue. Other services include:

  • Market data and studies
  • Market rent report (specific property or general property type)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Fractional interests
  • Construction draws
  • Relocation appraisals on Employee Relocation Council (ERC) form
  • Portfolio Monitoring / Asset Valuation
  • Insurance / Casualty Loss

If you’re looking for competency with unique properties John is the person to go to. His skill in providing a comprehensive report quickly is unmatched. John understood our needs when it came to commercial insurance and was able to create a very detailed report which assisted in claim resolution. I would recommend John for anyone looking to get an accurate value.

Jonathan C.
Senior Commercial Claims Adjuster

John T. Ashworth, MAI, SRA