Estates and Trusts

Real estate is often the most valuable asset in an estate, and it’s important to have the right documentation.

This is a responsibility of the estate, and it benefits both the trustees and the beneficiaries over the long run. Often an appraisal is needed with a date of value in the past, such as the date of passing of an owner. The IRS has specific appraisal requirements, including their definition of market value. In many cases, alternative dates of valuation are allowed—the value on one date may benefit your situation better than the other. Ashworth Appraisal Services can help you better manage your estate planning by providing accurate, independent valuations of your real estate.

  • Estate planning
  • Establish basis for capital gains or estate taxes
  • Decision making between beneficiaries or heirs
  • Fractional interests
  • Gifts to heirs
  • Charitable contributions

Whether your estate has one property or a portfolio, we’ll help you determine the best and most cost-effective appraisal solutions. If you have a property located outside of the area, we’ll help refer you to a qualified appraiser.

John is professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He takes pride in his work and goes above and beyond to ensure you get an accurate value. I worked with John on a specialty property [airport access and hangar] and he took the time and did the work to research the unique features to get the job done right. As an attorney I have also worked with John on review and prep as an expert witness. He is sharp and understands what is important…John is my go-to appraiser.

Christine James
James Law Group

John T. Ashworth, MAI, SRA